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Malaysian Contemporary Artists

Title: Tradisional modern still life with basket
bankruptcy in missouri Bankruptcy Headquarters Medium: Acrylic, alkyd and oil on canvas
Collection Of Encik Kassim
(Tangkas Hadapan Sdn Bhd)
"...creating arts of many different forms and mediums,
each is unique as according to its sensibilities"
Abd Latif Maulan

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New Paintings: SIRIH PINANG Lambang daun budi masyarakat Melayu

Kain bersuji diatas atap,
Sudah dikelim baru dipakai,
Kalau sudi tuanku santap,
Sirihnya kering pinangnya kotai.

Makan sirih berpinang tidak,
Pinang ada di bawah tangga,
Makan sirih mengenyang tidak,
Kerana budi dengan bahasa.

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